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Gift Guide for the City Girl

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Long walks in the park? Only if it’s Central or Golden Gate, honey. This girlfriend/sister/cousin/coworker has dark espresso running through her veins, looks her best under the glare of moody streetlights, and can pull off a smoky eye without thinking. The city girl is often discerning when it comes to gifts, but worry not, we’ve got the stuff to make her realize you’re just as fabulous at choosing gifts as she is at choosing outfits.

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Gift Guide for The Yoga Lover

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Got your Jack O’Lanterns down and your orange lights re-tangled in their box? Well, then it’s time to start thinking about the holidays before they trample us all under prancing reindeer feet! Here at Po Campo, we know that finding the right gift for the right person is about understanding that person to begin with. So rather than give you a list of gifts for “Mom” or “Dad,” here’s the first of our gift guides based on the real people in your life.

Got a girlfriend with an asana for every ache? A coworker who knows the best mantras for any Monday? Chances are, they’re the yoga lover in your life, and the holidays are a chance to repay all that warm energy with one of these excellent gifts.

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Let’s face it, a snowy walk is only going to last as long as it takes for your nose to freeze off (or for you to start sweating like you’ve packed a sauna inside your snowsuit.) Before that winter chill and this year’s return of the Polar Vortex sends us all scurrying for cocoa and central heating, let’s make sure to get outside and enjoy the last of 2014’s temperate weather. Here’s a few great activities for those last weekends before the chill hits.
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Get Your Winter Immunity Going

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Oh, Halloween is over? Cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle- darn it, here comes cold and flu season again! Well, this year is going to be different, because you’re taking those dang germs on headfirst. With the right planning and a few key changes, you can help boost your immunity and dodge those germs from Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas recitals and all the way through kissing people at midnight on New Years. Here’s how to get a running start in the race against winter viruses.
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You may have gotten used to those long summer evenings, but autumn is rolling in, bringing crisp winds, a growing plethora of pumpkin flavored products, and dark nights full of mystery and danger. The rest of it is great, but the danger you definitely want to avoid – especially when riding at night. Here are some super cool new bike lights to keep you visible and safe as the season turns and your caramel apple cider awaits.

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