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Style Tips for the Busy Life

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What is it about the 21st century lifestyle that makes days seem about five hours too short? When you’re balancing work, school, home life, exercise- not to mention needing to sleep for a few hours in there- it can truly seem as if there’s not enough time for half of your commitments.

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While we think that no one should be intimidated by their wardrobe, biking in a skirt does raise some legitimate concerns. If you bike to work and need to look dressy, you may feel resigned to pantsuits forever, but biking in skirts and dresses is actually pretty simple if you just take a few precautions. Here’s some good rules to keep your modesty- and your outfit- intact while you wheel down the roads.

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Unique Biking Accessories

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For us ladies, many of our first bikes were something like a purple Schwinn model with handlebar streamers and a plastic basket on the front. Eventually, we traded up for sleeker, more adult bikes, but many of us miss the pizazz of that old Schwinn. Lucky for us, bike accessories have evolved, and you can now bedazzle your ride in a variety of useful and unique ways. Here are some of our favorites:

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We’re turning 5!

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Five years ago, Po Campo dropped off its first bags at a handful of Chicago stores. It felt like a huge achievement to get to that point, but that was only the beginning. Did we know what we were getting into when we launched our company? Definitely not.  See our highlights (and some lowlights) below, and then join us at our Birthday Party on July 11. Read More →


Country roads and lakeside trails have their appeal for biking, no doubt. If you’re more of a city mouse, however, your biking trips don’t just have to be through plain old streets and along highways. Many cities with a strong biking presence also have loops or tours that take you on great, unexpected paths to see local murals or public art. Infuse your next biking adventure with some artistry on one of these great public art bike tours. 

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Just because biking helmets are practical and even life-saving doesn’t mean their usefulness ends at keeping your head in one piece! Thanks to the endlessly innovative minds of smart designers, there are now a variety of stylish bike helmets that show off your personality while protecting your noggin. Here’s a few we’re absolutely crazy about:

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