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We had the pleasure to participate in the second annual New Amsterdam Bike Show in NYC the weekend of April 28. The event attracted some topnotch exhibitors and over 4,000 people from the NY area that love to bike in the city. It was so fun to be around such great energy and enthusiasm for something so dear to our hearts.

The show attracted some bigger companies like Electra and Nutcase but I also found out about some smaller companies making great stuff. Here is a shortlist of brands that are awesome and their products that you should buy:

Bobbin Bicycles, Photo Credit: Core77


I visited the Bobbin Bicycles store in London almost five years ago, just when I was hatching the idea for Po Campo. It was great to finally meet the owners of Bobbin, Tom and Sian, and chat with them about their new line of bikes and bike culture in the US. Also check out their new Bobbin Shopper – such a cute bike!




Cleverhood Green Cape

A small Rhode Island company, Cleverhood is proud to be selling a superior product made in the USA. Their eponymous Cleverhood, a smart-looking, high-performance rain cape, sold like hotcakes during the show. I had a great time hanging with owner Susan Mocarski and talking shop about manufacturing domestically and trying to break into the cycling world.




Brooklyn Cruiser Drigg's 3 Speed

I wanted to meet the folks behind Brooklyn Cruiser after reading in a trade journal about how they wanted to be about how biking is fun and not just a way to get sweaty or dirty. Or something like that. Anyway, I liked that idea and I like the bikes!



We-Flashy Polka Pullover



I’ve been drooling over We Flashy‘s reflective tops since the first time I saw them, especially that one with the dots in this photo. I also love their tagline, “Reflective Clothing for Modern Times”. Like I said, this show was a great forum for meeting of similar minds!


Worksman Cycles NY Cruiser


We were fortunate enough to be able to share a booth with Worksman Cycles, the oldest still functioning bicycle manufacturer in the US. They are working with bikenyc.org to develop an iconic NY bike, which they debuted at the show. And no, it’s not the bike in this picture, don’t know why I didn’t photograph it.


There were a lot of other great products at the show that I haven’t mentioned here. Check out their press page for more reviews. Can not wait until next year!



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