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Yes I love biking in Chicago, but the rainy and cold weather we’re having this April has put me in a serious funk mood-wise. And to think I once thought I wanted to live in Seattle!

Day 21: Thursday April 21

The ride to work was actually super pleasant but it turned rainy and cold again for my ride home. To cheer myself up I paused at A. Finkl & Sons to gawk at some molten steel. I love industry and I love that I can get so close to it everyday. Dorky, but true.

I thought I took a picture of my bike here but I guess I didn’t. I was probably too awestruck.

Live Action Metal Forging

I managed to take a video too.

Day 22: Friday April 22

Another cold and rainy day inspired me to plan an exotic vacation to someplace warm. I biked over to the Sulzer library and checked out a book on India.

प्रिय भारत, यहाँ हम आओ!

Day 23: Saturday April 23

Yeah, finally a warm day! I took my first legitimate joy ride of April, biking around for an hour or so with no destination in mind. So leisurely and a perfect Saturday afternoon activity.

Again, no bike in the picture. I guess I was lazy this week.

Along the lakefront

Day 24: Sunday April 24

I went out to visit my parents in the ‘burbs on Easter and convinced my dad to go on a bike ride with me. They worry about my safety bicycling in Chicago so my dad took the opportunity to show me how to properly bicycle with safety in mind.

Safety First!

Day 25: Monday April 25

I stopped off at my favorite hardware store, Imperial Hardware, on the way home because one of the screws on my bike rack had worked its way out.

At Imperial Hardware

I feel like I stop into this shop about every four months missing a screw on my bike. Joey, the owner, is always friendly and usually fixes it for free. Today he complimented me on my pannier and when I told him it was my own company he told me that he’s an inventor too. He’s sold the IP for some of his inventions to Black & Decker and still gets royalty from them fifteen years later. He also invented something to do with the boulder in Raider’s of the Lost Ark, though I never quite understood what.

Raider's of the Lost Ark Boulder

THEN, his wife came in with some dried up rabbit ears to help soothe their cat’s stomach. Did you know that chewing on rabbit ears calms a belly? Who knew?

Dried rabbit ears

Five more days to go!

5 Day Forecast

2 responses to “Days 21-25: Are we there yet?”

  1. Meg says:

    I love that you’ll bike in the rain! I’m a biking newbie, living in Seattle, and I absolutely will not! It was 32F with the wind chill here yesterday, and pouring. WHERE IS SPRING?! Can’t wait to get out and ride, thanks for the blog inspiration!

  2. Po Campo says:

    Under normal conditions, I generally don’t ride in the rain either. I *almost* got used to it this month though!

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