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I continued my 30 Days of Biking by slogging through some seriously crappy weather in Chicago.

Day 16: Saturday, April 16

Weather: 38ºF, rain/snow mix, 38 mph gusts of wind.

I biked up to Edgewater to drop off an Armitage Satchel in chartreuse poppy for photographer Evan Thomas. Evan helped us with photos for our Spring 2011 collection back in December. His wife fell in love with this bag and we promised her one for letting us hang out in their apartment for 14 hours that day.

The weather on this relatively short ride was so miserable – I almost fell over at a stoplight from the wind alone – that I hung out on the couch with a blanket for the rest of the afternoon to recover.

Dropping off a Po Campo bag

Day 17: Sunday, April 17

Weather: 46ºF and sunny, yet windy.

I rode to my favorite Mexican restaurant Azteco de Oro for Sunday tacos (a tradition). This place is across from the Metro if you’re ever in the neighborhood. I recommend the shrimp tacos and the tortilla soup!

Sunday tacos at Azteca de Oro

Day 18: Monday, April 18

Weather: 40ºF and SNOWING!!!

Nothing like waking up to a half inch of snow on the ground at the end of April. The 0.6″ of snowfall broke the Chicago April 18 record set in 1910. Congrats 2011!

Photo courtesy of WGN. I was too traumatized to think of taking a picture.

After work the weather was somewhat more palatable so I decided to bike to Trader Joe’s to get some groceries.

Hanging a Po Campo bag on a grocery cart.


I brought my gold Armitage Satchel and a Minnehaha grocery pannier. I used my trusty green bungee to keep some loose items from falling out of the pannier. Tip: A bungee cord always comes in handy (hence the Po Campo Bungee handbag)

Day 19: Tuesday, April 19

Weather: 43ºF, raining and windy

Me: “Ugh, where am I going to bike today? The weather sucks!”

Seth: “Can you take my bike to Uptown Bikes for its tune-up?”

Done and done.

Day 20: Wednesday, April 20

Weather: 46ºF, cloudy, not so windy – finally!

I rode up to Logan Square after work for the Active Transportation Alliance‘s social at the Boiler Room. 1st Ward Ald. Moreno, 30th Ward Ald. Reboyras and 35th Ward Ald. Colon were present to talk about what their learned about making a city bicycle friendly during their March trip to Seville, Spain. As a new 30th Ward resident, Emily was keenly interested in hearing what her alderman had to say.

Listening to the presentations

After the presentations, Emily and I headed over to Revolution Brewery for a Po Campo meeting. One of the nice things about not having an office is that you get to hold all your meetings in bars, restaurants and cafes!

Discussing the future of our company in between hamburger bites

On Logan Blvd.

Dear Weather: please improve! I want to have the last 10 days of April go out with a bang!

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