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I know many of you have been following the design & development process and giving us awesome feedback, now it is here!!  Po Campo has finally created the perfect commuter pannier- the Po Campo Loop Pannier!!!  Now being the lead design and developer on its creation, my word can only go so far that is why I wanted to show you a few snaps shots of it in use to see so for yourself.

One of the greatest features about this bag is that it not only looks great on your bike (see me arriving at work below, brrrr March.) but keeps you looking professional when you head into the office (ok, so maybe I’m dressed a bit casual, but that’s not the bags fault!).   Unlike other panniers, the Loop Pannier is made with more premium water proof fabrics, like Waxed Canvas and Laminated Cottons, and briefcase like proportions; that way your work items fit perfectly, stay dry and you don’t have to be the only gal toting Codura around around the office.














Another great feature with the Loop Pannier is our simple yet innovative attachment system.  The system uses leather straps and modern hardware to wrap around the side bar of your rack (one caveat, your rack must have a bar frame to wrap around and not just a solid plank) and clip in place.  I will admit that it takes a little getting used to (see our YouTube channel for the instructional video http://www.youtube.com/user/PoCampoChicago#p/u/18/4-IfRcYonJw), but once you have it down there are great benefits; 1) the slim line snap hooks won’t poke into your side like most panniers and 2) the secure attachment means you are not in danger of the pannier popping off while going over a good ol’ city pot hole.









Last but certainly not least, we need to cover what this bag can hold- for its sleek size, you will be amazed.

The outer pocket is great for gloves, a bike lock or things that need to stay accessible during your ride; it stays closed with a hidden but strong internal magnet.








The inside- made from a water proof and easy to clean fabric- back panel contains a reinforced file pocket than can snugly fit your file folders, catalogs and things that need to stay flat.  {Side note; as you can see in the photo, the pocket can fit a small to med. sized laptop (under 13″ wide), however Po Campo must note that the bike is a dangerous place for a computer and **we can not be held responsible for your electronics**.}  The interior also includes 3 scrunch pockets- these elastic pockets help divide all your small offerings and keep them easily accessible.  To give you a sense of scale, here is what is pack in my bag right now:

In the folder pocket -A Mac Power Book**, 8.5×11″ Portfolio prints

In the scrunch pockets – Mirror, tictacs, business cards, a USB drive, hair ties and way too many lip glosses.

In the main body -A notebook & a reading book (Just Kids by Patti Smith, I highly recommend!), an umbrella, a makeup bag, a reusable shopping tote, travel tissues and there is still room for a scarf, flats or a tupperware lunch







That competes my review of our Loop Pannier- how will this change the way YOU commute?

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