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The Prototypes!

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If you have been following our Facebook page you may already know that our first round of prototypes are finished!  Its really one of the most exciting times at Po Campo, we get to take your ideas & our design skills and see them in action.  This week I have been driving the bags around and handing them over to fabulous Chicago bike ladies to see what they think- look more for their feedback soon.  For now I would like to show you the concepts and get YOUR feedback (since we can’t bring them to you personally).

Below we have two styles of bike panniers and two hip pouches- please let us know what you like/don’t like about what you see, or if you have any questions.  I am curious about,

Where you might take the bag?

What you would carry in it?

Does it look secure, why?

Does the style appeal to you?

Now, without further adieu, the prototypes…..

What a cute pannier!

This first pannier, I’ll call it Rectangular Pannier for now, attaches with straps.  The handle has hooks at the base that loop over the rack and then clip back on, allowing the bag to suspend from the heavy duty strap.  A bungee loop at the base helps stabilize the bag against your rack.

The Rectangular Pannier

Close up of how the bag hangs

The bungee stabilizer

Square Pannier

This pannier is larger & more square.  It attaches to your rack using two leather snap straps.  There is added Velcro on the back to stabilize the bag and keep it from riding up.  I’ve shown how a lock could fit into the front pocket, but the Rectangle bag also has this feature.

Snaps attached


Lock in pocket

Velcro stability

Next I would also like to introduce you to the two Hip Pouch concepts.  One is more flat and can fit a wallet & phone.  The second is compact (about 4×6″) and has a softer frame.  Each can be worn around your waist or as an over the shoulder.

Wallet pouch, closes with magnets

Hey, there's a wallet in there!

Smaller hip pouch

23 responses to “The Prototypes!”

  1. Allen says:

    Go Po! Some snazzy pics there, kiddo!

  2. //sarah says:

    I love the rectangular pannier! It makes an adorable bag when off the bike. However, I really like the way the square pannier attached to the bike. It seems that the leather snaps would hold the bag more firmly on the rack without too much bouncing around. Hard to know really without trying them both out, but my current panniers snap on in a similar fashion with a bungee for to secure the bottom and that combination holds it very snugly.

  3. Peace Turkey says:

    I love love love the Square Pannier. I’d use it on my rides to the Strip District in Pittsburgh – an outdoor market of sorts. And of course, the gold is perfect since our Steelers are black and gold. I will buy this the second you release it. :-)

  4. laila says:

    i love the look of the rectangular pannier, but i’m not as crazy aesthetically about the bungee stabilizer (a bit distracting from the rest of the bag); I think the velcro on the square one looks cleaner, maybe that’s just the color though. the square one also looks nice, it’d be great to see them side by side or to see the interior a bit more to be able to really compare them.

    for the hip pouches, i think the larger one is more practical since it would allow for a phone and wallet. i would use that for vending at art fairs.

  5. Katie says:

    Love that you’re making panniers! They look great. My only concern is the shoulder strap hanging down–might that swing around and interfere with the chain or spokes while you’re riding? Maybe there should be some way to secure it.

  6. Po Campo says:

    Thanks for the great comments!

    Katie- securing the straps is a great idea, would you use the shoulder strap when riding ever (wearing it on your back)?
    Laila- I like your point about the bungee, for a Po Campo bag aesthetics are also important. Does anyone else agree/disagree?

    • Katie says:

      I probably wouldn’t wear the bag while riding, just because shoulder bags tend to slide around to the front without a stabilizing strap. Besides, why carry a pannier bag on my back when I have a rack? :)

      Have to disagree with Laila about the bungee. For quickly putting on and taking off, bungees are the fastest and way more durable than velcro, which loses stickiness over time. With panniers this nice, there’s no way I would leave them on my bike unattended. So that means for one trip running errands, I might take them off 3 or 4 times: post office, farmers’ market, pet store, library, etc. My preferred combination would be the leather snaps for aesthetics plus the bungee for practicality.

      I use a set of Queenbee panniers and have a larger set made by Swift Industries so I’m a bit of a handmade pannier connoisseur you could say! Let me know if you need a guinea pig. :)

    • laila says:

      that’s a good point about velcro losing staying power over time I hadn’t thought about that, however with my rack there isn’t a loose “leg” at the bottom so I wouldn’t be able to use the bungee in the intended way anyway. (a bit hard to tell how they would sit without trying one in person)

      i would use this bag for my laptop or possibly for visiting clients with my jewelry. i am always on the lookout for a way to transport my goods in a stylish manner, which usually means skipping the bicycle & taking a suitcase on transit instead. granted, i’m probably not the typical customer for these, but they would be useful for anyone in a business casual setting who may have to transport laptops, papers, etc.

      any idea when they may be available for purchase (I’ve got a birthday coming up & would love to add these to my wishlist) :)

  7. Mariana says:

    I want one of those!!! I love it!!!…and it is BIG!!! That’s that I need BIG bags to carry my whole house in it LOL :p

  8. Ipstenu says:

    I really like the look of it, but it may border on … too big. I need one that’s like maybe an INCH bigger than the current rack purse right now (I want to slip my iPad in – It’s basically the size of a magazine). It’s almost more briefcase than purse, and I’ve got one of those :) I wanted something a teeny more girly to pull out of it. ;)

    The hip one is awesome and would sooo be worn over the shoulder for me ;)

    • Amber says:

      Agreed – the great thing about po purses are the aesthetic. beautiful (girly) fabrics go a long way but the shape also makes them. For me, the rectangle seems a bit too – rectangle – for the bike purse I was dreaming of. I know, I know, its a pannier. And a great pannier at that. I guess I’m after a bigger purse that I can attach to my bike. I wonder if it was more tapered at the top whether it would look more purse like? This might be achieved by being able to ‘cinch’ together the front and back at the top. Or a design that has the handles of the tote at the top? basically a bigger tote! The ‘in the hand’ picture makes the bag look lovely but side on I think it may be too bulky for me.
      Of course, you may not care about making a more purse like pannier but perhaps when you next add to your line you’ll think about it?
      PS – thanks Ipstenu for letting me know that an iPda wont fit!

    • Cecily says:

      Yes, I agree with Iptstenu on the slightly larger than a rack bag pannier. I’m starting to think that the issues with my current rack bag have to do with trying to force my iPad to fit in it.

  9. The square and rectangular panniers look very appealing to me. I have never tried that type of closure before, so would have to see it in person to determine whether it feels safe enough (for my laptop) or not. What are the dimensions on the panniers – will they fit a MacBook Air? For those of us carrying laptops on our bikes, good panniers are a must and there are surprisingly few attractive ones out there. I think that this will be a very welcome addition to your line of products.

  10. Gina says:

    Just wondering whether the larger pannier will be too large for some bikes? My current panniers are not square at the bottom like the large one, but are slightly cut away. I find that if I accidentally put them on back to front, they are always running interference with my heels as I pedal!
    I really like the aesthetics of the snaps though to hold the pannier at the top – how much weight will they bear? I may typically take a laptop (kinda heavy one) and try and stuff some food or shoes in as well. Also, will the snaps be easy to close like that if you have a bit of weight in the pannier, trying to crush your fingers? maybe if the bottom snap was integrated into the back of the bag, kind of flush with it?
    I like the elastic too, but it may need to be of an adjustable length, or have the ability to be open at one end with a clip, as the elastic will slowly stretch over time, and racks come in many different sizes.
    Just a thought – what if you turned the larger pannier on its side, into more of a long rectangle?
    As for securing the strap, I would prefer that the strap was not detachable (I really don’t like detachable straps on larger bags, as it makes them feel less secure), so maybe making the carry handles able to close around the shoulder strap could help. I like the idea that the pannier could look a little bit more like an oversized tote.
    i’d still love to get my hands on one as it is though! I think it would still work really well… just making a wishlist I guess :)
    Also, the larger purse would be good – I could fit my toolkit in there!

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